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1 posts from October 2012


Adventures in Ireland

By Kayleigh Roach

4Just finished our first month in Dublin and I'm gathering my thoughts about all I've done in a jam packed few weeks. My next few posts will be about that adventure

Week One - Day One!!!

It’s hard to even process all of the amazing things I’ve experienced in the past 36 hours so I apologize in advance if this post doesn’t make any sense.  I arrived at the airport in Dublin and was actually cleared by immigration  gathered my bags (minor setback in that one was severely damaged), and made my way to the upper hall where I met our director and some other students on the program.  We made our way back to DCU (although we had to take some crazy way because just our luck there was an accident on the main road).  We got a quick tour of campus and then all took naps.  We met in the afternoon to go to a local shopping center to buy sheets and things and we discovered that there is an Irish version of Forever 21 called Penneys, except they sell housewares too! 2

Then a group of us went into the city center last night on the bus (which is doubledecker!) and went to the touristy district called Temple Bar just so we could experience what it’s like to be a tourist before we’re official residents.  The people are wonderful and amazingly friendly.  This is definitely the Midwest of Europe.  The only problem I’ve encountered so far is that some Irish people are impossible to understand, but I’m sure that will get better with time.  I’m also learning a lot of Hiberno-English which is what the Irish speak.  They say a lot of strange words and phrases, like my director said “as scarce as hen’s teeth” today, and they do a lot of slagging which means making fun of people.

Today we were able to explore the city center more and it was absolutely beautiful!  The buildings are all old (and even the new ones are built based on historical architecture), and there are fresh flowers hanging everywhere.  The River Liffy runs through the middle of the city center, meaning there are lots of bridges as well.  I’ll post some pictures from our adventure today.  And hopefully by the time I make my next post I won’t be so insanely jet-lagged (what day is it?).