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Failté Aráis go Dublin


Welcome back to Dublin! We are reviving our blog, with some fresh stories of new arrivals  and adventure! We hope you’ll join us in staying up-to-date on what’s on in Dublin, and what students are up to.

Week one brought in twelve CIEE Dublin students, who hit Dublin running - exploring the city, learning to navigate Irish culture and accents on their own, and finding some new favourite spots in the city.

To wrap up our orientation week, we visited the National Gallery of Ireland, founded in 1854. Re-opened in June after 7 years of renovation, students were able to experience a one-time premier exhibit, Vermeer and the Masters. (More can be read about the exhibit here.)  With the Dargan Wing open to the public again, students took time to explore artwork from all over the world, celebrating the likes of Carvaggio, Picasso, Monet, and Titian.

Art Gallery Trip 2017

The following weekend we hit the tracks (literally!) and grabbed the DART out to Howth, a seaside village north of Dublin. Students took on Howth head, hiking the coastal path from the village to lighthouse at the end of the peninsula. Students had the chance to wrap up their adventure with some tradition fish and chips or fresh seafood from the local harbor!

Howth Trip 2017

Keep joining us for future adventures, and stories directly from our students of their own travels, both in Ireland and abroad! We’ll be posting to our Instagram & Twitter as well, with fun facts, cool shots, and tips for studying abroad – come travel with us!



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